Luke T. Weissgarber, CPA, P.C.


Tax and Accounting support for Individuals and Business Owners.

Areas of Practice


tax planning

  • General tax projections to correctly estimate future tax liabilities

  • Preparation of quarterly tax estimates to adequately meet annual tax obligations

  • Tax projections to determine taxable gain or loss on sale of real estate

  • Analysis of the various tax filing statuses to determine the most advantageous status to use for the tax return

  • Full evaluation of available tax credits/deductions and strategies to obtain them

entity selection & structuring

  • In-depth analysis of business objectives/goals to determine the best entity selection and structure

  • Thoroughly review the benefits of each entity classification and how to make the right decision

  • Consultation for forming a legal entity with the Secretary of State of Texas

tax compliance

  • Preparation/filing of individual Federal return - Form 1040

  • Preparation/filing of business Federal returns including, Form 1065, 1120 & 1120S

  • Preparation/filing of estate/trust and gifts Federal returns including, Form 1041 & 709

  • Preparation/filing of Texas Franchise and Sales Tax Reports

  • Preparation/filing of state income tax returns for all states with an annual reporting requirement

retirement planning

  • Evaluation of the various retirement vehicles available to individuals and business owners

  • Review of the tax benefits for each retirement vehicle and advice on how to maximize the tax savings for each vehicle

  • Consultation regarding conversion to Roth IRAs and how to effectively plan for them.


  • Implementation and set-up for Quickbooks, Xero, or other accounting software

  • Reconciliation of balance sheet accounts, account classifications, and report generation

  • Monitor and maintain billing and invoicing and receipt of payment

  • In-depth analysis of financial statements and budgeting

  • Completion of all payroll functions required for a business with employee


  • Preparation of financial statements for use by lenders or outside parties

  • Financials are prepared according to the guidelines provided by the AICPA

  • A formal report is issued with the financial statement